Listening to our Clients

We work with all key client stakeholders at the outset of the search to ensure that the role brief is as clear as it needs to be. This allows us to design the right global search strategy required to identify, source, assess and successfully attract the right candidates around the world. While the nature and complexity of each search is different, our aim is to complete the search within a 3-4 month time frame in most cases.

We always put our clients’ needs first and handle all assignments in a hands-on way: the consultant you first meet will manage the assignment with you throughout the process through to successful conclusion and on-boarding.

Research, Referencing & Assessment

We research and identify, source, reference and assess, and finally successfully attract diverse leaders with the right mix of consumer brand & category experience, geographical exposure and the culture fit to succeed with our client. In addition to deploying our own assessment method, we frequently work with in-house assessment approaches focused on established competencies and/or with reputed third party advisers where these are engaged by our client.

Communication throughout the process….and beyond

We remain in constant communication with our client throughout, advising on the structure of the offer through to the resignation and start of the successful candidate. We spend time with our client and successful candidate in each case advising on his or her integration and reviewing progress at regular intervals thereafter.

Collaborating mutually to contribute valuable depth to the leadership capability longer term…..

While providing a disciplined and targeted search process focused on delivering the immediate requirement in a timely way, we have developed a deep cultural understanding of our clients around the world. This takes our client relationship much further than the initial transaction, allowing us to offer valuable insights and advice on a regular basis.

Where clients have invested most deeply with us in this approach, this has resulted in our engagement on successful multiple transactions. Such a partnership also enables us to take effectively-targeted market initiatives opportunistically around the world, making introductions that reinforce our clients’ leadership capability efficiently and with the minimum cost and time spent.